Mar 31, 2011

Artdeco Aqua Glow Bronzing Collection haul

today i found the new summer collection from Artdeco by chance. it's called "Aqua Glow Bronzing Collection", the colour scheme consists of bronze and turquoise shades and it also contains some bronzing products. not very innovative but a safe look for the summer.
i initially only wanted to take a look at the multichrome nail polish, one of 6 new iridescent shades, too see if it's similar to one of the recently released versions by Essence and Catrice. after a bit swatchy swatchy i got home with some eyeshadows of the collection, too ;)

Ceramic Nail Lacquer in #225

this is a multichrome nail polish, which probably is the "new" trend for this year (after Deborah Lippmann and OPI now the drugstore brands take an attempt on this). it has a grey-mauve base colour with a turquoise/gold green pearl that flashes deep blue and purple. it's unlike my other multichromes, more green/blue without any pink hues. the consistency is very good, also the rather soft round brush, but it's very sheer. i can't seem to build it up to full opacity, i think it needs a base colour to develop it's full effect. it contains 6ml and costs 7.39€ (which i find much too expensive for a drugstore-type brand and so little product - i am shocked right now as i take a look at the receipt!)

Nubar Purple Beach - Catrice Iron Mermaiden - Artdeco #225 - Essence Where Is The Party - Zoya Ki


i like the magnetic system, but i always get around buying a new palette although my other one is already filled. i find them too expensive. i also think that Artdeco needs some product names, i hate numbering systems.
the texture of the eyeshadows are normally rather soft, these shades in particular are all very fine and buttery. i have no problems with Artdeco eyeshadows in creasing or fading in general if i use an eyeshadow base underneath. they contain 1g and cost 4.69€.

is a shimmery medium tan/bronze shade with rose hues. it reminds me of the light shade in NARS Kalahari duo, i need to take some comparison photos soon.

is a shimmery light aqua blue with a gold pearl. it's rather sheer, but looks great layered on darker shades. i don't have eyeshadows like this yet (other than in my super colourful 88-pan-palettes) i use such colours too rarely to invest in them.

is a shimmery sky blue with a blue pearl. i will wear this on the outer lower lashline in summer, combined with a neutral eyeshadow on the lid. also with this, no really comparable shades as i rarely use such colours. i only have darker blues.

liquid highlighters. III: Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid.

i've saved the best for last, this is my favourite liquid highlighter, the Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas Of Illumination Highlighting Liquid in the shade #009 Sea Of Showers (there are 4 shades all in all).
i bought it on, it contains 30ml and costs 45£. this is really a very hefty price tag, but for me it's worth every cent.  so let me explain to you why:

#1: have you ever seen a prettier packaging? i know such few products with a beautiful, whimsical, detailed and luxurious packaging like that, i can easily count them on 5 fingers of one hand. even the cardboard packaging looks so fabulous, i can't throw it away :)

it comes in a frosted glass bottle with a lovely print on it that seems to resemble a myriad of lilac flowers to me. it has a black shiny cap and a pump, which could be more precise i find. you'll need some pumps to get used to it and to find out the right press point to get the right amount of product. for me, only one short light press is enough. never press down completely - you would need like a week to use it up ;).

#2: it's super super pigmented. i think i won't ever need to re-purchase (unless to get another shade :P). even the tiniest amount will be enough to do the entire face, a little goes a looong long way! so please don't be scared if you use the pump for the first time, got too much product, blended it out and received a frosty metallic finish. it was just waaaayyy too much.  the texture is rather thick and creamy, not silicony at all. it can be easily sheered out and will give you a gorgeous fine fairy like shimmer that won't be noticed when it's on the face. i use a duo fibre brush with it, a MAC 131 or a small classic skunk brush (MAC 188-type), or a dense synthetic brush like the Illamasqua Blusher Brush #1 to dab it on. it will result in a subtle blended effect.

#3: the effect! Sea Of Showers is a bronzey tan/gold in the bottle, but once sheered out a little, you'll see it's a bronze champagne colour with a pink tint to it, that makes it blending into most skin tones more easily and seamlessly. so you will only see the pretty champagne-gold shimmer but not a bronze tint when you apply it.
as i said before, the first impression was quite scary for me also, i thought it was too metallic and too dark. but applied, it made my skin look like summer immediately with a subtle polished appearance. it's hard to describe, because not natural, not healthy, not shimmery, not dewy, but maybe a mix of all plus a fairy like summery glow. J-Lo glow (i don't like her that much, but she is the epitome for glowy, sunny latina-like complexion for me. the classic one. or Adriana Lima.)
the much i love to mix the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl into my foundation in the cold months, the much i love it to mix the Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid (but only a tiny tiny quarter-of-a-tiny drop!) with my foundation in the sunny months. it makes every foundation look glowy and fresh on my skin without shine or greasiness.
but for this, i like the local application even more (on the cheekbones, the cupid's bow, the bridge of the nose) and also as a wash of bronze shimmer on the eyelids - especially if i got too much product :P - combined with lots of mascara and a bright glossy pout it's a perfect easygoing summer look.

look how i only blended out that little dab. i blends into my skin nicely. in fact it needed to be blended out much more, but i wanted to show you the colour/condensed effect.

only foundation (i used MAC Pro Longwear in NC20)
foundation mixed with Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid in Sea Of Showers.

pure foundation + Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea Of Showers on the cheekbones

i'm very glad i bought this, and that Rouge Bunny Rouge didn't let me down again. i'm very excited to get my next supply of this brand (zuneta, i'm waiting! ;) ) as i'm sure i will be pleased with the products.
what about you? have you tried it? did i intrigue you to? or do you find the effect not that great and i'm just overreacting?

Mar 30, 2011

NARS blushes revisited! #11 - Albatross.

this series is just for better pics&swatches. my opinion about the blushes stays the same, take a look at older posts.

NARS blushes contain 4.5 - 4.8g each for the powder blushes, and 5.5g each for the cream blushes.
they cost 29€/19.50£/26$.

Albatross is the only highlighting powder by NARS. it's an ivory white with fine yellow gold iridescent shimmer. the yellowish tint makes it quite hard to capture in pics, it gives a greenish hue to the photos - but not if it's applied, no worry.
i don't find myself reaching for it very often, mostly because in my eyes it's just too yellow gold and makes me look icteric if i'm not careful, especially in cold artificial lighting. i only use it when i get a slight tan, otherwise it looks weird. i find this to be unusable for pale cold skin tones.
the shimmer sheers out easily - and it has to, because you should only take a tiny little bit. i hope they will release some more shades in the future (i think there will be a lavendar one in the summer collection? i will buy it for sure just because of the interesting colour ;). ) because i'm not very pleased with this one.
i apply it with a MAC 131 to the top parts of my cheekbones and the cupid's bow. it looks good in combination with (matte) peach and coral blushes. i somewhat want to try Copacabana Multiple, but on the other hand it's very expensive and i use cream shimmers much too rarely to buy such a big stick.

NARS Albatross in bright sunlight
NARS Albatross in natural light
NARS Albatross in late sun
NARS Albatross in natural light: swatched heavily & blended out

in comparison to other pale gold(-ish) highlighting powders:
MAC Vanilla Pigment is more shimmery, the gold sheen is a softer gold and it also has a slight peachy pink iridescence. MAC Too Chic Beauty Powder has a soft gold pearl and is finer in texture.

MAC Vanilla Pigment - NARS Albatross - MAC Beauty Powder Too Chic
MAC Vanilla Pigment - NARS Albatross - MAC Beauty Powder Too Chic
MAC Vanilla Pigment - NARS Albatross - MAC Beauty Powder Too Chic

this is how Albatross looks worn: i paired it with NARS Gina blusher.

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour "Orange Blossom".

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in "Orange Blossom" - i always had this shade in the back of my mind, i think because i once saw a video on youtube where Kokolaroo said it was one of her faves. and i adore her.
so as i heard a second voice stating the Second Skin blushes were great, i knew it was the time to go on the hunt! so i bought this on ebay about 2 weeks before, i paid about 26$ with international shipping included (luckily the € is pretty strong these days).
it comes in a sleek and simple dark brown plastic compact with a full size mirror. it's fairly small, i imagined it to be bigger ;) also the amount it contains is rather small, 3.6g of blush is just as much as an eyeshadow mono by Guerlain.
Orange Blossom is a light peach with a minimal pink hue and very fine gold shimmer. it's quite sheer and applies as a wash of colour with a healthy sheen. i find the shimmer very flattering, not too frosty and doesn't emphasize unneven skin. the texture is fine and pressed rather firmly.
it applies evenly and is well blendable, you can build up the colour intensity as you wish. it's not too orange on me, so i can also start wearing it in the spring and don't have to wait for a summer tan for it to look good.
it looks beautiful layered over a matte pink blush, too (like NARS Mata Hari, MAC Pink Swoon, ...).

Laura Mercier Orange Blossom in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out

this is how it looks applied, again please bear my after-work expression ;)

in comparison, it reminds me of Benefit's infamous Coralista, but has a prettier shimmer than the flat white sheen Coralista has, also it's less pink. it's also less pink than NARS Deep Throat but more pink than Chanel Espiègle and the peach cream blush by Maybelline. the shimmer looks like that from Deep Throat, but is more fine.

Benefit Coralista - Laura Mercier Orange Blossom - NARS Deep Throat - Chanel Espiègle - Maybelline Dream Touch  Blush #02
Benefit Coralista - Laura Mercier Orange Blossom - NARS Deep Throat - Chanel Espiègle - Maybelline Dream Touch  Blush #02

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